Awesome KING, Compassionate Spirit — Our Hearts Know You!

Good Day, God!

Thy Kingdom Come - a stained glass in St James in the City on Wilshire

Kit is HOME with me — HURRAY — but thank You, too for his good visits with our daughters and grandsons! How precious we are to each other and how easy it is to take that for granted — letting BUSY get in the way of BEING TOGETHER. I guess it is one of those BODY things, God. Emailing is great. Chatting away on the phone is super. Ah, but BEING WITH a beloved family member or friend is FAR FAR MORE. I’m smiling. I think our Mind doesn’t like to acknowledge that. Or, would that be MY Mind?

Actually, I like to THINK that I DO appreciate my Body and that it communicates with those around me in ways that my Mind isn’t designed to understand. We talk about people giving off “good vibes.” Perhaps there really is something going on BEYOND what we can currently measure. I LIKE that idea!

We talk about the Body of Christ — meaning the aggregate body of believers — but maybe it is more? I know that just sitting next to a person on Sunday morning brings a certain closeness. . . especially over time. I’ve been thinking about this, God, because on Fathers’ Day Suzy and Kit went to St. James in the City, an Episcopal Church on Wilshire. I love that church! I was raised in the Episcopal Church so I resonate with the stained glass, the eucharist (communion) and the ritual. Do You suppose, God, that Episcopalians see You more as King than Friend?

You are BOTH! Actually, SO MUCH MORE! The AWESOME STAR MAKER and GALAXY SPINNER. The Gentle Loving Spirit longing to comfort and encourage! You are way way way beyond words. Even so, there are times — sometimes in a church service — sometimes not — when YOUR PRESENCE is PALPABLE. When, indeed, it seems that my Body knows far more than my Mind. THANK YOU God, for Glimpses!

Story teller,

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