Finishing up

IMG_6038Good Evening, God!

Through a series of miscommunications I had a full day at home.   Knowing I had all day I was able to tackle organizing tasks that had been too overwhelming before.  That is not to say they are done.  They are not!  But, I am getting closer.  And I am enjoying the slow but mostly steady progress.  So I want to share a “done” corner of my office.

The York Minster certificate shows that our daughter Patty bought me One Minute of upkeep for York Minster.  That was back on August 14, 1979 when she was on an Earth Watch dig in Scotland.  Sigh.  Every time I look at it I wonder if I was appreciative enough.  I know that I didn’t immediately pin it up! And that means whatever appreciation I had — didn’t show very well.

I cannot help but think of the General Confession that I used to say every Sunday as an Episcopalian.  “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; And we have done those things which we ought not to have done; And there is no health in us.”

And as I say that I remember that I am forgiven by You. And I need to forgive myself and not load my dear self down with energy sapping sorrows and regrets. Besides, I am hoping that Patty from her heavenly vantage point is seeing her loving gift in its proper place and smiling.

I am smiling too.


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A surprise this morning

IMG_1733Good Evening, God!

I’ve been swimming for exercise for my frozen left shoulder . . . swimming in the shallows at Kaimana Beach. And most mornings there is a bridal couple from Japan posing for photos . . . and some mornings there is a sleeping monk seal. Of course, there are almost alway snorkelers, kayakers, folks on surfboards, swimmers and dog paddling people and occasionally a dog paddling.

But this morning I got a surprise!  This young man and a friend were coming back from spear fishing . . . clearly armed . . . and I saw them as I was breast stroking along. Caught a glimpse under water out of the corner of my eye, but it was enough to identify weapons!  Yes!  A surprise! Shock maybe. Although my brain came up with Spear Fishermen quickly enough.

It makes me feel so fortunate that I hardly ever see weapons.  Really fortunate!

As for the fish he had caught . . . I greeted him by saying, “You caught some!”  His friend said, “He’s even more surprised than you are!”  A good surprise — even though as a snorkeler I see fish as beautiful creatures to be admired.

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Humility and Hope

view of rain over the oceanGood Evening, God!

The scripture verse for today was from Proverbs 22:4 NIV “Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life.”

Oh Boy did I get plunged into humility today as I worked on building structure in my life.  My goal was to be able to see a history of exercise I did (especially swimming) from my iWatch.  I called Apple and got a young woman who had been trained . . . but didn’t have her own iWatch.  And I guess she was relieved when I suggested maybe she could pass me over to a senior iWatch person.  Jamie did have an iWatch and quickly explained I could find this information by tapping the History tab in the Activities app.

Done said I . . . totally incorrectly . . .and hung up.  Then I went to my Watch app on my iPhone and tapped on Activities and searched in vain for the History tab.  Big misunderstanding! Jamie was talking about a NEW APP called Activities!  Not the section called Activities in my Watch app.  I guess I shouldn’t have hung up so soon . . .

But after five or six or seven searches on Google I finally understood!  And sure enough after I downloaded the new Activities app — there was the History Tab! DUH!!!

So humility — or an accurate view of reality — swept over me.  The hope came a bit later. I realized that I CAN build structure.  The realization flowed over me that HEY, I can be Organized!  It just takes Time and Effort.  And for the next few days I have both.

And Centering more often today has helped with Humility (known as perspective!) and also with Hope.  I am grateful for both!

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good bonesGood Evening, God!

I was leaving my spiritual director’s home when I spotted these marvelous burst of lines. The lovely blue flowers were long gone.  But, I found the structure of each former flower delightful.  In fact, I saw them as themselves . . . exuberantly reaching out in joy.

But further thought made me think about how they were the structure that supported the lovely blue blossoms.  And, as I look around at my office, I think . . . ah . . . I need some structure here!

Structure is such a clean architectural word.  And, I like it.  It is what I need and what I want.  So, tomorrow after Centering I will imagine and design.  Design a structure that will help make what I do easier to see . . . to visualize.  Right brained folks need to SEE what is coming up . . . what wants to be done.

I see this as one of the unforeseen byproducts of having our home painted inside. Creative destruction?  You bet!  Having everything boxed or relocated means we have gotten used to not seeing them.  And somehow that gives us the freedom to toss them,  reposition them, or repurpose them!

I can’t help thinking I’ve wanted to do this before . . . but I feel relaxed about it now. . . as if I have both time and energy.  And, I do.

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The Joy of Color

IMG_6009Good Evening, God!

My wonderful husband, Kit, loves music. . . this month we saw the Broadway show, Hello Dolly, the opera Romeo and Juliet, and a symphony. But, music surrounds us most of the time. Actually, not just music but news, too. I think he has a radio going in at least two or three rooms. Sound is his thing!

While my delight comes from COLORS . . . so this evening’s sunset makes my heart sing.  The dark of the palms silhouetted  agains the yellow and orange of the sunset . . . ah . . .

All of this underscores how diverse we are.  Just recently I tripped over the Extrovert/Introvert Divide.  I was urging friends to bring their siblings to a party — saying that I would love to meet them.  After a pause . . . our friends allowed as how their siblings didn’t really want to meet us.  I’m hoping that it wasn’t so much US as a group of folks they don’t know.  And, I like to think I understand.  But, I am an extrovert and my understanding is cognitive — not visceral!

Understanding one another viscerally is a challenge.  And I confess, God, that mostly I go through life thinking most folks are just like me.  I don’t focus on hearing people down to their core.  Hearing their innermost being.

Hmm. You know us that way, don’t You.  You know us far better than we know ourselves. And You love us.  I’m wondering, God, if You helped us know one another in a deeper more visceral way — how would that feel?  I suspect it would turn our worlds right side up.

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empty boxesGood Evening, God,

The verse for today was “Overcome Evil with Good” from Romans 12:21. Well, the chaos of possessions packed away in boxes for a painting project isn’t exactly evil. (Hmm. Might excessive possessions be evil?) But, it sure feels good to slowly put things into order . . . overcoming chaos!

But, Order is not a prime virtue. Indeed, the creepy order portrayed in Wrinkle in Time is Evil.  Or perhaps it is excessive order in the service of Control? And, when I focus excessively on “getting things done” I fall into a Control Mentality which I do fear comes close to evil.

But, I’m off track! I wanted to pick up where my last blog left off about what is Your Will for us.  I could see that there are lots and lots of individual actions to take. But, a large part of my concern is for our World.  How can we work together for the benefit of all?

A TED talk by Fadi Chehade touched on this. The title was What everyday citizens can do to claim power on the internet. He talked about how individuals can be a power influencing Corporations and Governments.  I hadn’t thought about how we are 8+ billion people caught somewhere between corporations and governments.

Just the idea that we might act as a counterbalance to corporations and governments was so encouraging! I hadn’t realized how helpless I felt. And while helplessness and powerlessness are not in themselves evil — they do keep us from working to overcome Evil with Good!



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Rejoicing While Weeping

Attachment-1Good Evening, God!

Oh Lord, God! I am weeping . . . 11 people gunned down in a synagogue in Pittsburgh . . . at prayer.  Not that long ago it was African-Americans killed in a Christian church . . . also at prayer. . . It seems, God, that weeping is in order.

We are indeed called to weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15).  And not just to weep but to stand with . . . to be together in our grief and pain. Sigh. I am not sure just how to stand with these dear people.

So, then, God, I take it that rejoicing always . . . giving thanks in all [my] circumstances is to apply to my life. That command calls me up to a richer, fuller perspective. A perspective in which I marvel at the gift of Life. And wonder at this astounding universe we live in. I can see with the perspective of Space and of Time. But, most of all I see that You have called us into being in order to love us and to help us to love.

Still, I struggle. It is clear to me that my life verse is BLESS, BLESS and do not CURSE!

Surely I am blessed. . . and have been blessed. Even in the death of our beloved Patty, You were there.  You were WITH US.  And You even gave me the gift of assurance that the TRUE PATTY was Radiant and Vibrant and Alive and with YOU.

So, maybe, God, after all this pondering — I have come down to the question of what Your will for me might be?  I don’t feel as if it is enough to rejoice and give thanks for my life.

How am I to bless?  How am I to love?

And now I am clearly hearing that there are countless opportunities to hear, to share, to give and even to receive as an act of love. It only needs eyes to see and ears to hear.



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chatting and sometimes, listening

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chatting and sometimes, listening

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chatting and sometimes, listening

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Since 1958 articles by members & guests offer news about activities, history, Sacred Dance practices, profiles of Sacred Dancers, choreography, images & illustrations.

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