Being Aware . . .Being Willing to Know

41xIceiURcLGood Day, God!

Just yesterday the BBC World News had an interview with an “expert” on how to protect yourself during disasters. And the advice was basically what it was in this book: The Unthinkable; Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why. Be aware. Be aware — not in the sense of being in a state of fear — but aware of where the exits are. Aware of those around you. Aware that situations change and change rapidly.

The most memorable fact that I took away from the book was the underside of the “Please put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping another.” The reason for that seemingly selfish reminder is because — if a plane experiences a sudden descent — you may have only 10 seconds before you black out. Oh! That got my attention!

Another dark theme was how — in the London fire (just the week before) and in 9/11 — people were told “STAY PUT”. But, in the London fire the experts didn’t know the building’s cladding was flammable. And in 9/11 the experts hadn’t factored in jet fuel. LOTS of jet fuel. So? How to get out — is something to be aware of.

But, the biggest problem in disasters is DENIAL. We do not want to know. We resist knowing. In one famous case of a fire it was a bus boy who marched to the stage and took the mike and told the audience: There is a fire. There are the exits. Leave immediately. His clear direction saved many lives. But, still some stayed and died . . .waiting . . . for a more official word?

So, God. Today I am going to be working on being aware. Being of aware on a personal level and perhaps on a community level and maybe even a planetary level.

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chargingGood Morning, God!

I looked at my calendar and there isn’t much on it — for this week and the next. And my heart leapt with JOY! I am FINALLY doing much LESS and experiencing true rest . . . which feels appallingly unfamiliar. My inner being is on such deep rest that it actually feels sort of like being on STOP.

Somehow, I expected it would only take a week or two to get back to normal. Hmm. Well, it hasn’t even been a whole week since the last round of fun activities, centering on our 58th wedding anniversary. So, no. I’m not all charged up and ready to go.

But, I did hear myself tell a friend at church JUST this morning — I wonder what kind of trouble we can get into during the second half of the year? Hearing myself say that was a rare moment of “Self Awareness.”  Last week during a walk, a dear friend laughed at my remarking that finally I was taking things easy. “You have said that before,” she said. She might even have added . . . many times. . . but I am choosing not to remember that.

I hesitate to say that I didn’t believe her. I did BELIEVE her. I just didn’t remember going through those cycles. But she remembered. She was just pointing out that it was my nature to add things and then I would be busy again.

So, God, I am standing here — realizing that it IS my nature to say YES! In fact, I don’t even wait to be asked. And while I do believe this capacity for enjoyment is a gift, it is a gift that needs to be used judiciously.

Surely, God, You can awaken in me — or bestow upon me — a Judicious Part?

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Being Human and Human Rights?

_96466546_976ximg_7966-copyGood Day, God!

Here is Dr. Odontuya Davaasuren — in the center with two nurses — she is my nominee for the title of Hero. For years she was helpless as patients in her native Mongolia died in pain. It wasn’t until she went to Sweden to attend a European Palliative Care Association conference that she realized that dying in horrible pain need not happen.

At first the Health Ministry rejected her vision — saying we don’t have enough money to care for living patients! So she visited the dying and videoed their cries for help. The officials listened and now there is a national palliative care program in Mongolia.

A good death… and a good life before death — these are human rights, Davaasuren says.

As I read that, I thought about what being human means. What we can expect as a “right” and what we can’t. Many folks believe that the government has no business providing anything other than police, fire and national security protection. Everything else, they argue, ought to be the business of the individual or associations or businesses.

They rejected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s call to have all the people of the world entitled to four freedoms:  the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom to worship God in one’s own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Those are challenging goals, God. Yet, it looks to me as if the Scandinavian countries have come fairly close. And I am sitting here pondering what YOU might want us to have as goals?

My hope is very basic. I want there to be discussions — respectful discussions — on what we humans might work toward as worthwhile goals. Just conversations, God. Just conversations over breakfast tables . . . over conference tables . . .conversations with the homeless and with the .001 percenters.

Maybe, I could start a conversation?

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Being Fruitful and Blessing

figsGood Day, God!

This morning, my wonderful husband Kit accompanied my on  my walk up to the top of Hahaione Street.  Being together is something I am appreciating more and more. I don’t have to be entertained. I don’t have to be stimulated. In fact, just “being with” seems to preclude the need for either of those.

One of my joys this morning was the discovery of a bearing fig tree. Hmm. I was delighted in part because it is bearing so many figs — so many that my eating one or two feels semi-permissible. In truth, unless there are figs on the ground — demonstrating a lack of interest — I really shouldn’t indulge.

But it made me think of whether we humans are reaching optimum fruitfulness? The Bible talks about trees bearing fruit in their season . . . talks about the command to Be Fruitful. But, I am sensing that You have more in mind for us.

I am feeling that most of us don’t ripen as You intended because we are lacking sufficient Blessings. Such an odd thought, God! But, really, it grew out of the story I read on Tuesday about the power of blessing. The story quoted the blessing that Jacob gave to his sons in Genesis 49:2
     May the God of your father help you;
may the Almighty bless you
with the blessings of the heavens above,
    and blessings of the watery depths below<
    and blessings of the breasts and womb.

Ah, God, too often we parents, teachers, and friends limit our children and one another. We may not curse, but we do not bless them as richly and as frequently as You want us to do. Help us to call down blessings on our children, their children and one another. And upon every creature on our beloved planet.

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A Call to Bless

orange hibiscusGood Day, God!

I’m feeling GOOD, God! I feel as if the First Half of the year is DONE! Apparently, there were things needing to be done in the first half of this year that were stressful. And, once again, I only really know I was stressed when it is over! Last night I told my wonderful husband Kit “DO NOT WAKE ME!” And I slept until 6:30a.m. this morning . . . only an hour later than usual. But, I woke up feeling GOOD!

The first thought in my MIND was OH GOODNESS!  I need to take better care of my lymphatic system! I looked up HOW to do that. Now that I have some good ideas all that remains is the HARD part — DOING THEM!

ON TO BLESSING! Somewhere around the end of 2016 and the start of this year I stumbled on a book on BLESSING:  The Miracle and Power of Blessing. I loved it and was quite convinced of the IMPORTANCE of blessing — blessing all that is! Because What Will BE — grows out of WHAT IS!  But, of course, as with caring for my lymphatic system, it all rests on DOING!

So in searching for the correct title of the book I found an article by someone who actually practiced blessing . . . for years and years. I’ve posted the link and it is much better than what I’ve said!  The Tongue: Reap the Power of Blessing.

Thanks, God!




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Plumerias and Asking for Help

PlumeriasGood Day, God!

This is the week of Kit’s 65 Punahou Reunion and we were all given yellow plumeria leis at the Kapuna Luncheon. For years we all MADE leis. And they were mostly plumeria.  I think, God, I still have the long lei stringing needles. But, now we buy leis.

I’m thinking about this because some of the class members are going to want to toss flowers of remembrance into the ocean this Sunday. (Note to self . . . go on walk and gather plumerias to take.) Gather is a euphemism . . . because we have no neighbors with trees. . . no one we can ask. So I will look for neglected trees . . .

But, that brings up a topic from this morning . . . HOW DO I  get myself to ask for help? Hmm, actually, God, the real problem is: how do I know that I need help. Sigh.

I have over-embraced my people’s culture of self sufficiency . . . of doing my duty . . . of carrying on . . .  And all of this without even considering if asking for help might be a really good idea. Darn! 

This came to a head this morning when I got cross at our wonderful oldest daughter for getting cross at me (I felt) for eating junk. After a few volleys back and forth elicited some self pity from me I heard her say, “But, I didn’t know! You didn’t tell me!”  I hadn’t. It never occurred to me. I was too busy leaping tall buildings . . . sort of . . . to even consider how I was doing.

But, today I took a step forward! I asked her to call me if she noticed that I hadn’t contacted her for two days! To call and gently but firmly ask “How are you doing, Mom?” She has agreed! The mechanism is in place — now all I have to do is figure out how to humbly check on my inner states.

Practice . . . Practice . . . Practice!

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Perspective . . . perspectives

Saguaro and me

Good Morning, God!

Here’s a photo of me in Tucson. I was walking with my wonderful daughter, Sandy. I’d stopped to gaze UP at a giant saguaro cactus. I think it is the biggest, tallest, most impressive saguaro I have ever seen. And, of course, I wanted to have my picture taken with it!

Perspective? That’s what I thought at the time. Awe? That too. But, there is more . . .

This saguaro captured my Attention as An Other. Another life form . . . another Being? As I gaze at myself looking up at the saguaro, I find myself contemplating the evolution of life here on our planet. First one celled creatures in the oceans . . . then plants and creatures in the  ocean . . . then plants and creatures on land . . . then us. US as in human beings . . . as thinking beings? And now we are creating silicon/Creatures who are learning to Think! Yikes!

Back to the saguaro. How long have cactus been around? Cactus developed only in the Americas which means they developed AFTER Gondwana split into South America and Africa (145-101 millions years ago). But, cactus — as we know them — might have developed after the Andes rose . . . increasing arid conditions . . . more like 5-10 million years ago.

So much for the Species Perspective, God! I’m humbled. We humans are such a New Species.

But, looking at this saguaro as a fellow being — I put its age at maybe 150 or 200. Not, God, like the sequoia with their 2-3,000 years. Still, more than twice my age. And standing before it is thought provoking!

Meanwhile, I am home today with the sniffles. I’m not really SICK but I am not well either.  It feels as if I am Reassembling myself. An odd term. But, that is what it feels like as I putter and read . . . rest and ponder. Perhaps, God, what I am doing is reassessing myself? And contemplating Perspectives!

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chatting and sometimes, listening

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chatting and sometimes, listening

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chatting and sometimes, listening

Sacred Dance Guild Journal

Since 1958 articles by members & guests offer news about activities, history, Sacred Dance practices, profiles of Sacred Dancers, choreography, images & illustrations.

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